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Powtran Technology Co., Ltd held the mid-year meeting of 2019
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On July 13, Powtran Technology Co., Ltd held the 2019 Central Management Review Meeting and the mid-year work debriefing conference. Nearly 50 people including senior leaders, middle-level cadres and sales elites of Powtran attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Dalian Commercial Manager, Ms. Wang Xiuzhen.


12 management cadres and sales elite representatives were on the stage of public deliberation in accordance with a predetermined sequence. The contents of the debriefing included their own work performance, analysis, team building and shortcomings in the first half of 2019, as well as the work plans for the second half of 2019. 

This debrief is aimed at earnestly summarizing the work experience of various departments and further strengthening the management awareness and service awareness of management cadres. At the same time, this conference will help each other to communicate with each other, inspire each other, and learn from each other to build a platform to promote better future work.

After the meeting, the outstanding sales staff of the first half of 2019 was commended. The chairman Mr.Zhang Haijie, the Dalian director Mr.Li, the Shenzhen direcor Mr.Luo, and the director of international marketing center Ms.Mandy Tang, took photos with the outstanding representatives of the department.

In 2019, the management team of Powtran should firmly establish the concept of serving employees, and truly implement the company's decisions and measures into specific work. The leaders hope that all employees will fully carry forward the spirit of brave pioneering and innovative, take the initiative, and work together to achieve the goals, and strive to build Powtran into the benchmarking of China national inverter industry.

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